What We Do

More than a Surf School


We are a surf travel company that believes in freedom, simplicity and delivering the most pure surf trips.


We share our love for surfing while offering an authentic travel experience.


This is more than a surf camp, we do more than teach people how to surf.

To travel with us is to get immersed into surfing and its lifestyle. Our team of passionate surf guides are dedicated to help you learn how to surf and progress. Our guides will not just give you a simple surf lesson. They will be there travelling with you and sharing all the surf knowledge they possibly can during your trip


In our opinion, surfing is the most beautiful and the most complex sport in the world.
At first, learning how to surf and organizing a surf trip on your own is a difficult task. Language barriers, limited surf knowledge, or limited surf skills can ruin the experience. It can take weeks until you surf the right spot, at the right tide, according to specific wave conditions and with the adequate equipment.

Barefoot Surf Travel was created with the idea of simplifying the surf journey without cutting on the adventure and the cultural experience that comes with it. This is why we organize surf trips in collaboration with local friends in each of our destinations. In addition to making your trip more authentic and culturally rich, it contributes to the local economy.


We offer a whole group experience. You will start and end an unforgettable trip with people that might become friends for life. This will be during the best season for sunshine and waves, as we only open during the best seasons of each destination.

Surf trips with Barefoot Surf Travel feel special, and that’s because this company was never created with the idea of “starting a surf school”. We wanted to bring our people on the surf trips that changed our life. This is, and always will be, what we’re about.

We bring people on the Surf Trips that changed our lives.

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