February 16, 2016

3 things you can learn through surf trips

For the first episode of the “Barefoot Surf Travel Series”, Alex and Gab share the 3 biggest lessons they’ve learned through surf trips.


  1. Patience & seizing opportunities

One thing we’ve learned through surfing and travelling for the sport is the importance of patience. No one likes feeling impatient and frustrated about not scoring waves. It’s something no one has control on.

To really enjoy a surf trip, you have to be patient and ready to seize opportunities. It might take days until you get good surf, but when you do, you spend 8 hours or more in the water!




  1. Life is like a box a chocolate

You never know what you’re “gonna” get! Surf forecasts are great and they can give a good idea of the waves you are going to get. But surf trips are full of surprises and it’s best to embrace the uncertainty than to worry too much about what could happen.




  1. The safest place is in the barrel.

We personally started to have access to surfing on a daily basis only at the age of 21. Some kids start surfing at 5 years old and don’t even remember how they learned to get barreled.




Getting barreled hasn’t come to us so easily. When you’re an adult, you probably hesitate a bit more before pulling into tubes over sharp coral reef. We had to push our limits and overcome some fears. One thing we have learned the hard way: you’ll never be as safe as you are in the barrel. The worst wipeouts and injuries we’ve suffered is when we hesitated and didn’t commit to getting barreled. This also has been a life lesson. The worst risk you can take is to hesitate and go half way.


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