May 23, 2016

4 Things you can learn from Nicaraguans

1- Live in the moment


Hanging out with the people of Nicaragua means you will take time to enjoy the present moment. It is one very enjoyable feeling when you are a bit stressed back home. Whether you stress about work, studies, money, relationships, a trip here will help you relax, focus on the present moment and be happy.

2- Take time to relax

Did you know most shops still close between 12:00 and 1pm, even in San Juan del Sur? That’s because it’s “siesta” time. In this hot, tropical weather, it’s almost impossible to feel any stress. Spend enough time in Nicaragua and see how hard it is to come back home and be “on time” for work!

3- Take time to celebrate

Nicaraguans love to party. They have celebrations and festivals year round. Whether it’s Christmas time, Semana Santa or mother’s day, the people here love getting together and celebrate. A majority of the people in Nicaragua are Christians, meaning Sundays are off work. Believe us, they certainly make the most of those Saturday nights here in San Juan del Sur.

4- Don’t take things too seriously


People in Nicaragua have a great sense of humour. It just feels like nothing should be taken too seriously here. Having a conversation with locals rarely ends without a big laugh!


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