April 10, 2016

How Balinese people can inspire you to live differently

To us, Bali is one of the worlds most amazing places. Besides incredible world-class waves and breathtaking landscapes, what really makes this island so special is the people. Balinese are very different than Indonesians. They have their own religion (Balinese-Hindu), they eat differently, the celebrate differently, they talk differently, etc. Their way of living is very inspiring to people from the Western world and it’s a unique experience to be able to discover this culture.

Below are a few aspects of their way of life that has most inspired us.

Family and community


In Bali, it is difficult the separate a person from the family, and families from communities. Balinese people live in “banjars”, cooperative associations of between 50-200 neighbors. Each individual inside these banjars have specific roles and responsibilities. These communities take care of each others families, arrange marriages, organise many spiritual events, etc. For travellers coming from more “individualists” parts of the world, it is truly inspiring to see how much the local people have a strong tradition of collaboration and socialisation.


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Credit photo: www.studentflights.com.au

It’s an amazing experience to travel to a place where people believe their actions will either punish or reward them upon death. Balinese people organise multiple religious celebrations,  make offerings to the gods and perform sacred dances in order to create good karma. What is also special is the way they treat each other in order to create good karma. They are extremely polite, positive and helpful. Which is a great things, because anybody who has visited can tell you how easy it is to get lost on the island!

People feel valued


The people on the island of Bali acknowledge other human beings. If you travel there you will be surprised how Balinese people remember your name just after meeting you once. It’s important for them that people feel important and valued. It definitely makes us think about how we personally treat the people around us and motivates us to treat people well.



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