January 23, 2016

Launch of the “Barefoot Surf Travel series” on Ouisurf.tv

Every year, the founders of Barefoot Surf Travel go on a surf trip. Usually, they choose a very remote destination with world-class waves. It’s their way of keeping the passion alive and staying close to the reason they started their travel company: to be able to surf more.

The “Barefoot Surf Travel series” is composed of 6 web episodes following the founders of Barefoot in their Indonesian surf journey. The web series will be available on January 29th, on OuiSurf.tv.

What is the series about?

“With this new project, people will have a better idea of the surf trips we offer and what kind of life we live abroad. Our goal is to go “behind the curtains” of Barefoot Surf Travel” – Alexandre Vassilatos, cofounder

Chilling in Lembongan

What can we expect?

“Our goal with these videos is to inspire people to travel, to take risks and to leave their comfort zone. It’s something we started to do at a young age and that we continue doing because it helps us to stay inspired.” – Gabriel Lanoix, cofounder

“We want people to understand what it means for an inland surfer to start dedicating a big part of his life to surfing and to live abroad most of the year. People will get the chance to follow the adventures of 2 passionate surfers pushing their limits and going off the beaten track.” – Alexandre Vassilatos, cofounder

El Captain


Learn to Surf on one of our surf trips:

Barefoot Surf Travel

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