March 9, 2016

Our favourite surf videos for travelling days

For us, the surf travel experience starts the moment we step foot at the airport. As soon as we pass the check-in counter, we try to find Wi-Fi and have a look at the surf forecast. Then, we usually put surf films to get inspired. Here’s a list of 3 of our favorite surf videos to watch prior an epic trip!


  • The Endless Summer


« On any day of the year it is summer somwhere in the world »

“The Endless Summer” is probably the classic surf movie of all times. The story is about Robert August and Mike Hynson following the summer season across the world in search of the perfect wave in Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii and California.

Filmed in the middle of the 60’s, this video contributed to the rise of the “surf and travel” culture, the dream of finding perfect waves while discovering new cultures and ways of life. What better to watch before a surf trip?


  • Castles In The Sky


This film made by Taylor Steele is definitely one of the most inspiring surf videos ever made. It presents a new approach to surf movies: filmed during 3 years on 5 different countries. You can truly feel and experience the landscape and culture of each destination trough the amazing images.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a surf movie are the surfers featured in it. If we had to name our favourite “free surfers”, the first names on the list would be: Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado, Craig Anderson and Dave Rastovich. Guess what? They’re all in there!


  • ­View From A Blue Moon


This video is a bit like what The Art of Flight was for snowboarding: redefining what is possible in video production. Combine the new ultra high definition cameras (4k) and 2 million dollars in budget with the surfer who is considered to be the most talented on the planet. You get something amazing.

John John Florence pushes the limits of what is possible to do on a surfboard in this film. Some say it is “the best surf movie ever made”. For this humble Hawaiian surfer, it’s just a “fun project he did with some friends”.



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