Online Surf Coaching

Barefoot offers you professional online surf courses and surf videos

In this series of “How to Surf Tutorials”, we explain some of the most important elements of surf techniques for beginner and intermediate surfers. Watching those surf video tutorials will give you a good overview of some of the techniques you will be learning on our surf coaching retreats in Bali, Mentawai Islands, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Our personalized surf programs are designed to help beginners and intermediates develop their surf skills faster than they could ever imagine.

How to paddle on a surfboard

Want to catch more waves? Understand the fundamental paddling techniques that will help you paddle faster.

How to Pop Up

It becomes much easier to “Pop Up” properly on your surfboard with the proper “Take Off” technique. You can practice this technique at home!

How to catch a green wave

Want to have more fun surfing? You need to get better at positioning yourself for unbroken waves & match their speed in order to catch more of them.

How to angle your “Take Off”

Surfing is more fun when you start angling your “Take Off” and riding the wave’s face. Doing your “Pop Ups” with a slight angle will help you get the momentum you need to ride on a wave’s face, to either go right or left.

Surf etiquette

Learn the important unwritten rules of surfing: a code of conduct to stay safe and be respectful of other surfers.

Surf coaching retreats

Want to learn to surf or improve your skills with the help of a team of surf coaches? We invite you to pick one of our surf coaching camps.