Meet Naomi Bishop

An interview with our surf coach, Naomi Bishop, about learning to surf in the UK to living in tropical countries teaching what she loves most – surfing.

Into the Jungle with Morgan Maassen

An interview with Surf Photographer and Filmmaker about his work as a creative, his travels in Nicaragua and Bali and his recent film “Jungle.”

A Day in the Life of Israel Barona

A day with professional Ecuadorian surfer, Israel Barona, sharing his struggles as a surfer as well as his undeniable love for the sport and his home.

Holiday Gift Guide from the Barefoot Team

Holiday Gift Guide from the surfers and travelers of Barefoot Surf Travel. Our favorite items for what we love to do most.

How To Duck Dive

Learn to sink your surfboard underwater and dive under waves. Waste less energy passing the break, keeping your paddle power to catch more waves.

Different Surfboard Types: Longboards, Funboards, Fishes and Shortboards

How to pick a surfboard that’s right for me? Learn the different characteristics of the main surfboard types to choose the proper surfboard for your level.

Surf Classes Maderas beach Nicaragua

How to do a “Take Off”

Learn how to Stand Up on your Longboard properly. The “Take Off” (or Pop Up) technique to get your feet on the surfboard efficiently.

The Surfboard’s Bottom Contour

Concaves, Convexes or Flats? Understand what it means to your performance and the different types of surfing conditions they excel in.

How To Paddle on a Surfboard

Surfing better starts with paddling better. The better you paddle, the more waves you catch, the quicker you progress. Learn the proper technique.

How to Push Through Waves – Passing the “break”

Learn how to “pass the break” using the “punching through” technique. The push through technique uses your speed and flotation to drive you through waves.

Franco Rivas Down the Line

The Proper Surfing Stance

Learn the basics of the surf stance and surf better, with more style! With proper technique, you will accelerate, slow down & turn your surfboard properly.

5 Things To Know When You Start Surfing

What you MUST know about Surfing before heading out in the Ocean. Surf Ethics, the Proper Equipment, Choosing the Right Surf Spot & more.

How To Do Cutbacks

Get back to the most powerful, most enjoyable part of the wave: How to change direction with a turn using your surfboard’s rails, going back towards the pocket.

How to Find & Catch Unbroken Waves

Learn how to position yourself to find, catch & stick on unbroken “green” waves. This technique helps you to prevent nose dives.

Understand The Surfboard’s Rocker

What is the surfboard’s “rocker” and how does it affect my surfing? The “rocker” (the “banana shape” of a surfboard), can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

How to Angle your Take Off to go Left or Right

Learn how to angle your take off (or “pop up”) so you may draw your line either right or left on the shoulder of a wave.

5 Things To Do when you Have 1 Year of Surf Experience

You’ve been surfing for one year. You’ve done a few surf trips, you know how to take-off, stand up and follow a line. You understand more and more how waves break and how to manage your speed.

Top 5 Beaches for Beginners to Learn To Surf in Bali

Bali is often considered one of the ultimate playgrounds for surfers. While the island is mostly famous for its expert waves, Bali also has surf spots for beginner surfers to safely learn surf basics.

5 Things To Do When you have 2 Years of Surf Experience

Get a Quiver. Just having two boards can make a huge difference: a “fish” with a flat rocker for small days, and a smaller board with more rocker for when the waves are better. This will help you catch more waves and progress faster.

Why Choose Nicaragua for your first Surf Trip?

Are the waves suitable for beginners? Is it Safe? Your Budget? So many aspects to consider. 7 reasons why Nicaragua is an ideal destination for beginners.

Meet Rex Calderon

Interview with Rex Calderon, Nicaragua’s national surf champion. He’s one of the most humble and positive human beings we know.

Surf Trip: Indonesian Surf Journey

Nothing compares to a Surf Trip to a very remote destination with world-class waves. A series of 6 Episodes filmed on distant islands of Indonesia, in collaboration with OuiSurf.

Meet Franco Rivas

Franco Rivas is the first surf coach we ever added to our team. In a way, he represents what most inland surfers would have dreamed of…

Our Favourite Restaurants in San Juan del Sur

Over the past years, many great restaurants have opened in San Juan del Sur, offering different meals from everywhere in the world. Discover our Top 5 favourite spots.

12 Day of Surfing in Bali & Lembongan

From May 14-25th, eleven travellers joined our Surf Journey across the islands of Bali & Nusa Lembongan.

How To Stay Surf Fit as an Inland Surfer

Do you live far from the Ocean? Learn about how to stay in good shape so you can be ready for your next Surf Trip.

The Simple Life with Marie-Christine Amyot

For me, the ”simple life” is being surrounded by the people I love and doing what my gut tells me to do. I discovered the meaning of the word ”passion.”

7 Yoga Poses That Will Keep You Surfing Longer Sessions

We’ve all been there… Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a surfing veteran, fatigue can set into your body in the middle of an epic surf session.

How To Turn on a Surfboard: Trimming VS Carving

The way you distribute weight on your surfboard has a tremendous effect on the surfboard’s direction and speed over the water. Learn the right techniques to carve and trim on a surfboard & get more control.

Top 15 Game Changing Tips For Intermediate Surfers

Want to start surfing better? Discover 15 technical tips that apply to most maneuvers, and you will relate to them for years of surfing progression!

How To Do A Floater

The floater is so practical it’s referred to as the “Pocket Knife of Surfing”. Learn how to do it, and you will be able to pass sections without losing speed!

How To Do Top Turns

A Simple Guide on Top Turn Techniques. Learn how to ride up to the top of the wave’s face and how to turn back down properly.

How To Do a Proper Bottom Turn

A Step by Step guide to better Bottom Turns: One of the most important techniques of surfing.

How To Generate Speed On A Surfboard

Create your acceleration. Learn how to use the proper technique and the adequate parts of the wave to surf faster and better.

Improve Your Surf Stance

How to adjust your stance for optimal control, speed & performance. Every single wave is unique, which means they all require some adjusting.

10 Tips To Catch More Waves

We all have surf sessions during which we wished we’ve caught a lot more waves. Learn why other surfers might be catching more waves than you.

Surf Indonesian Island


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6 Surf Tips To Find & Surf Better Waves

How does that other Surfer always end up Catching Better Quality waves than you?

Different Surfboard Tail Shapes

How different tail shapes change your surfboard’s manoeuvrability. The shape of the end part of your surfboard, the tail, has a key role to play.

Surfboard Fin Setups Explained

What are the different Surfboard Fins Set Ups? Which ones are right for me and for the conditions I want to Surf in?

Surfboard Dimensions: Length, Width, Thickness & Foil

How do your surfboard’s dimensions affect your surfing? Surfing equipment tips to find the perfect surfboard for your level.

What is a Surfboard’s Volume?

Why volume is so important? What does it mean for your surfing? How much your surfboard floats on the water changes everything.

How to Pop Up On a Shortboard

The “Chicken Wing Technique”: How to do your “take off” to stand up properly on smaller Surfboards like Shortboards or Fishes.

Surf Ethics: 10 Rules a Beginner needs to know

Learn the important unwritten rules of surfing: A code of conduct for beginners to stay safe and be respectful of other surfers.

How To Read Waves

How To Read The WavesAnd Anticipate How They Will Break Barefoot Surf Travel Surf Trips of a Lifetime Learn how...

11 Security Aspects of Surfing

Learn 11 of the most important security aspects to consider before you try surfing for the first time.

Yoga San Juan del Sur

Surf & Yoga Journey in Nicaragua

Flexibility, Breath, Strength. You need them to Surf Better. Learn about the Surf & Yoga Journey in Nicaragua that includes a Yoga program designed especially to complement the Surf.

How to “Turtle Roll”

The Turtle Roll is a great technique for you to stay in control of your board and not get pushed back too much by the white water.

What’s a Kook? | Surf Slang

Just because you’re a beginner surfer doesn’t mean you are a kook. Surfers can be kooks at different skill levels. Here is our definition of a “Kook”.

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