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The typical food of Nicaragua is simple and comforting. Rice + beans + plantain + chicken or fish, is usually what you get in local restaurants. Over the past years, many great restaurants have opened in San Juan del Sur, offering different meals from everywhere in the world.

Here’s our Top 5:

Burgers Nacho Libre San Juan del Sur
Nacho Libre Nicaragua

Nacho Libre

The classic. Nacho Libre is not any burger restaurant. They serve the best burgers in town (and perhaps the best burger you ever had!) Whether you like traditional ingredients such as bacon, lettuce, sweet BBQ sauce, or you want to get wild adding eggs, avocados, pineapple or even peanut butter, there’s something for everybody. They also have a veggie burger made with couscous (called the “Yoga Ass”).

Our friends from California make sure the vibe is always awesome with great music and surf videos playing all night. Every week at Barefoot Surf Travel starts with this awesome experience.

San Juan del Sur Cerveceria
Cerveceria San Juan Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur Cerveceria

One of the new spots in town. This is the first microbrewery in San Juan del Sur, one of the first in all Nicaragua. Other than a great variety of locally brewed beers, SJDS Cerverceria has delicious tacos with fresh ingredients. They also have a mac & cheese with 3 types of cheese in which you can add a secret ingredient called… Bacon!

King Curry

A small hidden gem in San Juan del Sur. If you like spicy Indian food, you will love King Curry. There’s a very personalized feel to this place. Only 2 tables in the restaurants, and the owner, Marcus, prepares every dish himself.


Photo: @Churrojones

La Lancha

Love seafood? This is the place. It is owned by a family of local fishermen that serve freshly caught seafood. Not many places still offer full plates with lobster, red snapper or shrimps with salad, rice and plantain chips for under 7$!

San Juan Simon Says

Photo: @vegan101girl

Simon Says

The lunch classic. Simon Says is owned by our long time friends Emanuel and Natalia, from Argentina. They serve some of the most delicious and healthy meals in town. They started as a small smoothie bar and now offer delicious salads, sandwiches and breakfast in their awesome garden in the middle of San Juan del Sur. Try our favourite chicken salad with corn, caramelized onions, bacon, chicken, tomato and freshly baked bread.

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