The Surf Trip That Changed Our Lives.

Beginner? Intermediate? We believe you don’t have to be an experienced surfer to have the chance to explore amazing places & experience new cultures, in addition to learning to surf with professionals.

We are convinced that the ultimate surf travel experience goes beyond the typical surf camp. This is why we have carefully crafted authentic surf trips that are based on the surf & travel experiences that changed our lives.

Why travel with us?

The Surf Trip of a Lifetime

Get immersed into surfing. In addition to providing high quality surf classes for beginners & intermediates, we maximize the adventure & the cultural experience of your trip.

Surf Better, Faster

Learn to surf faster than you could ever imagine. Quality surf classes, photo & video analysis, and surf theory courses will get you surfing right away, even if you’ve never surfed before.

Small Group Experience 

Live an unforgettable surf trip with people that might become friends for life. Many surf camps accommodate 50+ travellers. We welcome an average of 12 people to create a unique small group atmosphere.

Beginners & Intermediates

Surf the best spots for beginners & intermediates, at the optimal time of the year. Surfing has seasons. Some months have better wind, swell & wave conditions. Surf at the right place, at the right time!

Personalized Surf Coaching for your Level

Personalized Surf Coaching For your level
Personalized Surf coaching
Personalized Surf Coaching For your level

Level 1: Beginner Surf Coaching

Never tried surfing before? Or have you tried a few times, taking a few lessons here and there? If you still need to master basic techniques, this surf coaching level is for you.

Level 2: Intermediate Surf Coaching

Have you been surfing for many weeks, months or years? Can you paddle through the white water and catch unbroken waves by yourself? This coaching will take your surfing to the next level.


  • “The best part of my trip with Barefoot was how much I improved my surfing. I’d done a bunch of single surf lessons before & this was the first time I actually felt like the surf guides were instructing, critiquing & pushing me to get better at surfing.”


    Kat Gaskin / Nicaragua
  • ” The coaches are nationally acclaimed surfers and give great tips to better your surf technique. All in all a great experience.”


    Bao007 / Nicaragua
  • ” I have made many friends from around the world, I laughed and had fun all week with the whole team… This trip touched my heart…”


    Jessica B / Nicaragua
  • ” Surf instructors re amazing, they really have the best knowledge to teach you the right way to surf or the way you can improve your surf skills.”


    Claudie B / Nicaragua
  • ” It’s a very professional and passionate team of surfers who wants to pass on their love for the sport and the lifestyle around it “


    Samuel LM / Nicaragua
  • “Great waves almost every day for a whole week(!!!)… Everyone in our group was pleased with their stay, and we all learned a lot, beginners as well as more experienced surfers.”


    Marianne F / Nicaragua

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An amazing surfing expedition

You will live the surf trip of a lifetime, designed especially for beginner and intermediate surfers. Experience an unforgettable surfcamp that includes high quality surf classes, amazing accommodation, surf equipment, airport shuttles and experienced guides.
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Nicaragua – Bali – Ecuador

Travel, learn to surf and catch some of the best waves of your life during your surfing holidays in Nicaragua, Bali (Indonesia) and Ecuador. Our surfcamps are open during the best times of the year for sunshine & waves.
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