We understand how special each and every surf trip is for our guests; this is why we do our best to work with everyone’s individual needs and circumstances. A cancellation doesn’t only affect our budget, but also the budgets of our business partners and local people.

The majority of services and accommodations are booked and paid to our suppliers 60 days before departure and are not refundable to us. A cancellation less than 60 days before departure means that the sums for your accommodation and services have already been sent to the suppliers and these funds are not refundable to us.

Once the package / room has been booked, the spot becomes unavailable for someone who could have booked otherwise. Thank you very much for understanding.


  • Make your first 20% deposit
  • The balance for the trip is due 60 days prior departure
  • For the intermediate retreats, the balance is due 120 days prior departure


Pre arrival cancellations will only be accepted when they are sent in writing by email.

The client has the responsibility to ensure that adequate trip cancellation and interruption insurance has been purchased to cover any forfeited portion of their trip cost in case of a cancellation.

Cancellation charges are applicable as follow:

  • 20% deposits are not refundable but may be used on futur trips.
  • Travellers have five (5) years to use their 20% deposit on any futur trip, no matter what destination.
  • Our surf trips are not refundable in case of a cancellation less than 60 days prior the departure date. The amount of the deposit may be used towards a futur surf trip.


These fees aim to minimize the financial impact on our business and on our partners. The sooner we know about the cancellation, the better. We will try our best to transfer our offer to another date, but we cannot guarantee this.

  • If a client chooses to leave the trip, or stop using Barefoot’s services for any reason post departure, Barefoot is not obligated to make any refunds.
  • We highly suggest our travellers to get travel insurance that covers unforseen cases such as loss of employment, injury prior trip or natural disaster. This is the best way to protect your investment in your surf trip. Click here to buy travel insurance directly online with our partners G1G.


Any conditions out of our control that can delay your arrival or departure and add to your cost such as extra charges caused by delays (late luggage, extra flights, etc.) or any variations from your itinerary (early departure, evacuation) will be at your expense.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have a valid passport (valid 6 months after the departure date). He must also be in possession of visas, if necessary. It is not Barefoot Surf Travel’s responsibility if a customer is refused entry to the country due to a lack of travel documentation.


We have made an honest attempt to verify the accuracy of statements made in our trip documentation, including brochures and website. Barefoot is not responsible for any errors, omission or unintended misrepresentation that may occur.


Optional activities do not form part of the trip itself. Any help provided by Barefoot in arranging optional activities in no way renders Barefoot liable for them.

Minimum 5, maximum of 12 surfers per group. Plane ticket not included, no specific airline company intended for trips. Sold by owner of Quebec permit (#703125). Barefoot Surf Travel, Montreal, Canada.

1% of every sale goes to nonprofit
organizations that protect & clean
our oceans.