Mentawai surf coaching retreat, Indonesia
Surf some of the worlds best waves for 10 days

Ask any surfer: If you could go on a surf trip anywhere on the planet, where would you go? There is no doubt that the Mentawais would be one of the most popular answers. These secluded tropical islands deliver the absolute perfection that surfers dream about all their lives.

  • A mind-blowing selection of 25+ world class breaks
  • Experience perfection: from flawless barrels to world-class playful waves
  • Unlimited fast boats to surf, all healthy & delicious meals, & a gorgeous resort
  • Location: live on a hill with panoramic ocean views, a 2-minute walk to amazing waves
  • Highest quality of surf coaching in the Mentawais: 4 guides for 8 surfers max

A typical day

From your balcony set on top of a hill in a lush, tropical rainforest, you drink a coffee while observing the flawless turquoise waves peeling right out front. You feel the excitement of starting your day in a true surf mecca. A team of dedicated surf guides takes you to ride some of the best waves of your life. You take boat rides to some of the 25+ world-class spots around and you enjoy two long surf sessions in uncrowded, tropical waves. You come back home incapable of wiping the grin off of your face. You sit with your 3 surfing friends on the huge custom-made leather lounges, relaxing with a cold beer. Your trained coach puts all your surfing pictures and videos on the television, and makes sure you enjoy every session even more by helping you to bring your skills to the next level.

Surf Coaching Retreat Mentawai Surf Camp
Map Waves Surf Coaching Retreat Mentawai
Deserted Islands Mentawai Surf Coaching

The waves

The Mentawai islands is probably the most wave-rich location on earth. There isn’t any other destination that offers as many perfect waves within 45 minutes of each other. By looking at the map, it’s easy to see that no matter the swell or wind direction, this incredible wave selection will provide unforgettable rides. With its variety of reef breaks, point breaks, secluded bays, rights and lefts, we will find the perfect waves for you.

The area is known for its flawless, warm-water waves, consistent swells and light winds. You’ve probably heard of one or more of these famous waves:

Mentawai Learn to Surf
Intermediate-to-advanced spots:
  • Kandui
  • Hideaways
  • Riffles
  • E-bay
  • Bankvault

These are all waves that our surf coaching team could take you to, when your level fits the conditions. These spots are all reachable in less than a 25-minute boat ride.

Mentawai World Class Surf Breaks
Intermediate spots:

As a “beginner-to-intermediate” surf coaching company, we know you are probably not looking for 12 feet grinders breaking over extremely shallow reef. That is why we are here. We chose the Nyang-Nyang location because it is also loaded with easier and safer waves (but still world-class!). On any given day, clean, shoulder-to-head high waves are almost guaranteed to peel flawlessly.

  • Beng Beng
  • Pitstops
  • Nipussi
  • 4 Bobs
  • A Frames
  • Burger World
Surf Coaching Retreats Mentawai
10+ secret spots!

Not all the waves in the Mentawais are known. There are still plenty of waves that are relatively unknown that you could end up surfing with just a few friends!

While most surf camps aim for the “big name spots”, our team of 4 surf guides for a maximum of 8 surfers will make sure you surf the best waves for your level every day. The team is dedicated to finding the absolute best options, often navigating to unchartered territory to search for uncrowded peaks.

Intermediate Surfer Mentawai Surf Coaching
Mentawai Surf Coaching Retreats


You will be living on Nyang Nyang, a small 5km-long tropical island only populated by a few local villages. The paradisiac island is covered by dense, lush rainforest with stunning hills and vegetation.

Your room is set on a hill, right on top of pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters. There is no denying it, every night you enjoy the best sunset views in the Mentawais.

From your home, walk 2 minutes to Pitstops, which could quite possibly be the most fun wave you’ve ever surfed! If there’s a reasonable swell coming from the west during your trip, you will wake up more excited than children on Christmas day. E-bay is a perfect left barrel that peels down the line and is just a short paddle from your resort.

Live Here Mentawai Surf Coaching Retreat

Being one of the most secluded places on earth, the Mentawai islands offer a once-in-a-lifetime tropical escape.

Travelling to such isolated islands set 150 km away from the mainland is an unforgettable journey. The Mentawai people have not been subject to outside influence until the 20thcentury, making this destination a truly off-the-grid adventure. With its spiritual people, impeccable turquoise waves, white sand beaches and magical lush rainforest, the Mentawai islands will leave you speechless.

Mentawai Surf Coaching Retreat

Personalized intermediate surf coaching

Personalized Surf Coaching Nosara
Personalized Surf Coaching
Personalized Surf Coaching For your level
Surf Camp Progress

High quality coaching, tailored to your level

Treat yourself to professional surf coaching on some of the best waves on earth! Whether you want to work on your cutbacks or aim to get your first barrel, our team will be offering Barefoot’s unique surf coaching program. This includes:

  • Video analysis of your surfing
  • A personal folder of your videos on our iPad
  • A surfer profile with recommended videos & articles for you to progress faster
  • Personalized tips to help you surf better at each surf spot
  • Technical surf meetings with your small group of surfers
Only 8 spots available, with 4 surf guides

The best guide/surfer ratio in the Mentawais! You will be taking boats to surf amazing spots with only 3 other surfers (2 surf coachs for 4 surfers per boat). One guide will be in the water, helping you understand each spot, providing tips for you to catch some of the best waves of your life. The other guide will be taking videos of the waves you take, as a souvenir and for further technical analysis.

Local knowledge & unlimited transfers to waves

In order to bring you to the optimal spots for your level, we have 2 different boats and offer unlimited rides to the waves. Our guides have the experience and knowledge to take you to unknown spots, so that you can enjoy perfection with only a few surfers out!

Surf Coaching Retreat Mentawai

Is this trip for me?

This is an “intermediate” only surf trip. You need to have a minimum of experience to truly enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can join this trip if:
  • You can catch unbroken waves by yourself
  • You can angle your take off to go either left or right
  • You can draw your line on a “green wave” with a minimum of control
  • You feel comfortable in shoulder-to-head-high waves
  • You’re an intermediate surfer wishing to surf epic waves while progressing to the next level
Surf Coaching Retreat Mentawai Surf Camp
This trip is not for you if:
  • You have never tried surfing
  • You surfed a few days in the past but still struggle with your take-off
  • You are a very advanced surfer looking for 12-feet grinding barrels over shallow reef*

*To provide a personalized surfing experience, our 2 surf guides will bring only 4 surfers to the absolute best conditions for their level. We do not take very advanced surfers on this trip as it would compromise our ability to provide a unique, customized service.

Our team would be very thrilled if we could help intermediate-to-advanced surfers get some of their first barrels, but if you have the level to ride massive, hollow barrels, other charter boat services would be a better option.

Not sure if this is the right trip for you? Click here.

Surf Spot Mentawai


Experience the Mentawai dream in comfort and style. You will live in a stunning resort made from hardwoods, stone walls and giant windows that provide breathtaking views on the ocean.

The rooms:
  • Quality accommodations
  • Two surfers per room (separate beds)
  • 1 X Private Bungalow for 4 (two story)
  • All linen & towels
  • Carved log wood showers & hot water
  • Air-Conditioning & Fans
JWB Surf Coaching Retreats Mentawai
JOHNBARTON Surf Coaching Retreats
JOHNBARTON Surf Coaching Retreats

This is the only villa on the Mentawai set on top of a hill and it offers unforgettable sunsets.

The resort is the most elegant option in the area, with its impressive structure blending both western and Mentawai style;

  • Spacious front yard and garden with panoramic views on the waves
  • Huge, stylish common lounge, dining table & custom-made leather sofas
  • Driftwood bar with a great selection of beers & spirits
  • Full height windows & views on the Indian Ocean
  • Wi-Fi
Mentawai Surf Coaching Retreat

Surf information

You can leave your wetsuit at home, but bring a lot of sunscreen with you! The water is warm year-round at an average of 27°C/80°F. The biggest swells normally come between July and September. This is also the period when the waves are more crowded with surfers coming to surf the high-profile spots such as Kandui and Hideaways.

Surf Coaching Retreats Mentawai

Don’t be fooled though, swells hit the Mentawais all year round. Many spots, such as Burger Worlds and Nipussi, are very exposed. This means they work even better when the swells are very small.

No matter the conditions and wind direction, you can find clean, shoulder-to-head high waves peeling perfectly down a multicolour reef.

We operate during the “shoulder season” because we believe that is the best option for intermediate surfers. During this time of the year, there are still plenty of incredible waves, with much fewer people in the water. With 25+ spots (including many “secret ones”) working with different swell and wind conditions, we can make sure you surf some of the best waves of your life no matter the conditions.

Best Spots Beginner Intermediates Mentawai


The food is so good that many travellers joke about coming back just for it! All three healthy meals are included every day, plus snacks & home-baked treats.

The cuisine is a mix of Western and Asian meals: curries, ayam bakar, beef, chicken, and locally caught seafood. In addition to discovering new cuisines, you will enjoy meals cooked just like home. The staff here can accommodate special diets.

Ebay Wave Mentawai Surf Coaching Retreat


Fishing boats (included)

In addition to the surf boats, you have access to a 4.2 meter Quintres aluminium dinghy. Its speed and versatility make it a perfect boat to go out fishing or tour the rivers.

Fishing Boat
Snorkeling (included)

Right out front of your room, grab snorkeling equipment to observe the rich marine life around the reefs that surround your front yard.

Boat Snorkelling Surf Trip
Trecking Mentawai Surf Trip
Hiking through the rainforest trails

Discover the island’s amazing rainforest hills and wildlife while walking through the same jungle trails that the local use to go through different villages and farms.

SUP Nusa Lembongan
Stand Up Paddle

Grab a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and relax while watching the sunset or the amazing surf happening in front of the resort.

Hiking through the rainforest trails

Discover the island’s amazing rainforest hills and wildlife while walking through the same jungle trails that the local use to go through different villages and farms.

Trecking Mentawai Surf Trip
Stand Up Paddle

Grab a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and relax while watching the sunset or the amazing surf happening in front of the resort.

SUP Nusa Lembongan
Fishing boats (included)

In addition to the surf boats, you have access to a 4.2 meter Quintres aluminium dinghy. Its speed and versatility make it a perfect boat to go out fishing or tour the rivers.

Fishing Boat
Snorkeling (included)

Right out front of your room, grab snorkeling equipment to observe the rich marine life around the reefs that surround your front yard.

Boat Snorkelling Surf Trip
Surf Clinic Mentawais
Deserted Islands Mentawai Surf Coaching
Surf Clinic Mentawai
Surf Coaching Retreats Mentawai

What’s included?

  • Unlimited boat transfers to all the surf spots around
  • 2 Experienced surf guides for 4 surfers (best ratio in the Mentawai)
  • Technical analysis of your surfing footage each evening (see how we coach surfing)
  • Important tips for every spot’s particularities
  • A fleet of quality fast boats with surf racks, comfortable seating & tinted windows
  • 80 or 120hp Yamaha engines on boats designed for Mentawai sea conditions
  • All your surf photos & videos (bring hard drive for videos)
  • Gorgeous resort with quality accommodations & ocean views
  • 2 travelers per room or 1 X two-story bungalow for 4
  • Clean, air-conditioned rooms
  • Custom-made wooden furniture & leather lounges
  • Spacious front yard with common areas with hammocks
  • Entertainment: music system, hundreds of surf movies & big screen tv
  • Wifi
  • Private fast boat to and from the Mentawai (value of 2,000$)
  • Government surfer fee (100$)
  • 3 healthy and delicious meals per day, plus snacks
  • Soft drinks, juice, tea & coffee
  • Transfers from Padang Airport to Padang hotel & to boat harbor
  • Boats for fishing & touring
  • Use of SUP boards, fishing equipment & snorkeling equipment

Surf Coaching Retreat in the Mentawais

  • Taxes & Service Fees Included
$4,450 USD

Prices are per person. 20% deposit to secure your spot.

Still have questions? A surf coach will be glad to help you!

Contact us

More information

Extra information
  • You must bring your own surfboards, at least two.
  • Our prices are per person and in US dollars. Taxes, service fees and contributions to the FICAV are included.
Travel information
  • Flight tickets are not included.
  • Travel insurance is not included and is mandatory.
  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of your departure.


We are #1 on TripAdvisor

Reviews on TripAdvisor

  • “The best part of my trip with Barefoot was how much I improved my surfing. I’d done a bunch of single surf lessons before & this was the first time I actually felt like the surf guides were instructing, critiquing & pushing me to get better at surfing.”

    Katherine G. 31 / Toronto, Canada
  • “The total experience exceeded expectations, staff was knowledgeable, professional, and gracious. Accommodations were very welcoming and comfortable. Everything was top notch!”

    Rick Osgood, 53 / Napa, USA
  • “I’ve been traveling to various surf camps for the last 2 years. This trip was beyond incredible, everything from start to finish was top notch and focused on improving my surfing while having a wonderful cultural experience.”

    Micheal, 41 / Boston, USA
  • “Created some great friendships, and experienced a beautiful country in the best week possible. Already trying to figure out when I can plan my next trip with them!”

    Emily P. 26 / Ventura, USA
  • “I couldn’t ask for time spent with more friendly, truly awesome people. The team is very responsive and well organized. My surfing was pushed to another level”

    Brittany M. 34 / Calgary, Canada
  • “The coaches are nationally acclaimed surfers and give great tips to better your surf technique. All in all a great experience.”

    Bao T. 33 / Montreal, Canada

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