Surf trip in Nicaragua
7-day surf camp in San Juan del Sur

We believe that you should experience an authentic surf journey. During this week, you will get the chance to dive deep into the world of surfing, like no other place on earth.

  • Exclusive villa for our groups of 12 surfers, with panoramic views on the Pacific
  • Some of the world’s most consistent quality waves for beginners & intermediates
  • Walk to cafes, restaurants and beach bars
  • 330+ days of “offshore” wind, creating extremely fun and clean waves
  • Learn to surf with members of the National Surf Team
Itinerary Accommodation


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Every day is a new adventure around San Juan del Sur. Explore these amazing surf beaches:

  • Maderas beach
  • Hermosa beach
  • Remanzo beach
  • Possibility of surfing other beaches, depending on surf conditions

Personalized surf program
for your level

On all surf trips
Personalized Surf Coaching
Personalized Surf Coaching For your level
Surf Camp Progress

Level 1: beginner surf coaching

Never tried surfing before? Or have you tried a few times, taking a few lessons here and there? If you still need to master basic techniques, this surf coaching level is for you.

Level 2: intermediate surf coaching

Have you been surfing for many weeks, months or years? Can you paddle through the white water and catch unbroken waves by yourself? This coaching will take your surfing to the next level.

Is this surf trip for me?

Your surfing level
  • You have never surfed and want to learn the right way, in a safe environment
  • You have tried surfing a few times & you want to master the basic techniques
  • You are an intermediate surfer looking to progress & bring your surfing to the next level
  • You’re looking for consistent, quality waves in a tropical climate
  • You want to learn how to coach yourself to improve your future surf sessions
Learn how to surf

San Juan del Sur is the perfect village to get immersed in the surf lifestyle with its beach bars, great food, breathtaking sunsets and tons of things to do.

  • You are a lone traveller, travelling with friends, or as a couple
  • You’re looking for tropical weather & surf beaches with sand bottom
  • You enjoy having access to great restaurants, cafes and beach bars
  • Average traveller age: 25 – 55


Surf Coach resort Nicaragua
Playa Madera Surf Coaching Retreat

Our Surf Program is specifically designed to develop your surfing skills rapidly, so you can enjoy the thrill of riding on a wave as soon as possible. Combine our 10+ years of professional surf training, local coaches from Nicaragua’s National Team, and some of the best beaches for beginners & intermediates, and you get the perfect recipe for your progression and enjoyment in the water.

  • 5 personalized surf lessons, 2:1 student/coach ratio
  • 5 surf workshops – theory & technique
  • Professional surf videos sent to your email
  • Surf clinics including technique analysis with your surf videos
  • Coaches from the National Surf Team
Surf Classes Maderas beach Nicaragua

You will be living in a luxurious 7-bedroom villa, exclusive for our group of 12 surfers. Picture yourself switching off your phone, giving in to the simple life surrounded by lush tropical forest and the ocean.

  • Exclusive villa for 12 surfers only
  • Spacious & chic rooms for 1, 2 or 3 travellers maximum
  • 10-minute walk to San Juan del Sur’s cafes, restaurants & beach bars
  • Large infinity pool overlooking the Pacific
  • Spacious common areas, kitchen, air conditioning & Wifi

See accommodation

Surf House Nicaragua
Lifestyle & Yoga
  • Fresh, healthy breakfast every morning
  • 2 group dinners
  • Transportation to different surf beaches
  • Private airport shuttles
  • 2 X restorative yoga sessions
Surfer Maderas Nicaragua
Sloth Central America
Maderas Beach
Nicaragua Surf coaching
Maderas Beach
Nicaragua Surf coaching

Surf information

Surf overview

If you wish to maximize your experience by surfing quality waves, San Juan del Sur is where you want to be. The beaches are a dream playground for beginner and intermediate surfers. This is one of the few (if not only) places in the world that almost guarantees both good waves and offshore winds for more than 300 days of the year.

In addition to uncrowded and consistent surf conditions, you can feel safe knowing that you are gliding above a sandy ocean floor.

Surf conditions

Every day, you will benefit from our team’s local knowledge and surf the optimal surf spot according to the daily conditions. We consistently find great waves for beginners and intermediates, thanks to the many surf spots surrounding the village.

Waves are usually between 2 – 4 feet high from December to April, and 3 – 6 feet high outside those months. Wave size and power strongly depend on the surf spots. Our surf guides will make sure to take you to the best spot for your level.

Typical Surf Conditions Nicaragua

Surf informationLineBlack

Surf overview

If you wish to maximize your experience by surfing quality waves, San Juan del Sur is where you want to be. The beaches are a dream playground for beginner and intermediate surfers. This is one of the few (if not only) places in the world that almost guarantees both good waves and offshore winds for more than 300 days per year.

In addition to epic, uncrowded and consistent surf conditions, you can feel safe knowing that you are gliding above a sandy ocean floor.

Franco Rivas Down the Line
Surf conditions

Every day, you will benefit from our team’s local knowledge and surf the optimal surf spot according to the daily conditions. What makes San Juan del Sur such a great surfing destination is that the village is surrounded by many surf spots. You can consistently find great waves for beginners and intermediates.

Waves are usually between 2 – 4 feet high from December to April, and 3 – 6 feet high outside those months. Wave size and power depend strongly on the surf spots. Our surf guides will make sure to bring you at the right spot for your level.

Things to do in San Juan del Sur


Take a five hour Catamaran (All you can drink/eat) cruise along the southern coast of Nicaragua, and try your hand at snorkelling.

Catamaran tour Nicaragua
Yoga (included)

Improve your breath and flexibility. Yoga is the perfect compliment to surfing (2 yoga sessions included).

Yoga for Post-Surf Session
Zipline San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

The longest canopy tour of Nicaragua is located in San Juan del Sur. It offers 2.5 km of zipline.

San Juan del Sur view
San Juan Del Sur

Through the years, San Juan has held on to it’s unique cultural charm. Enjoy amazing food, friendly locals, and marvel at the majesty of the world’s second largest Jesus statue.

Yoga (included)

Improve your breath and flexibility. Yoga is the perfect compliment to surfing (2 yoga sessions included).

Yoga for Post-Surf Session
San Juan del Sur

Through the years, San Juan has held on to it’s unique cultural charm. Enjoy amazing food, friendly locals, legendary parties, and marvel at the majesty of the world’s second largest Jesus statue.

San Juan del Sur view
Surf Analysis
Surf Coaching
Nicaragua waves
surf playa hermosa
Surf Coaching
Nicaragua waves

Nicaragua Surf Trip

Surf retreat in San Juan del Sur
$3,250 USD per person

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FAQs | Surf & Lifestyle

A lot of our first-time guests are concerned about this!

To give you an idea, about 80% of our guests are between 25 and 55 years old, with the most significant concentration being in their 30's and 40's. This is, on average, each trip is a bit different.

We are firm believers that age is just a number! If you are under 25 or over 55, you are certainly welcome in our retreats. What is important to our organization is to be transparent in the type of experience we deliver. Our guests come to focus on their surfing progression and to have a great time. Some of them enjoy a beer or a cocktail at sunset and might go out once or twice during the retreat, but if you are looking for a place to party all week, this is not the right experience for you.
About 20% of our travellers have never touched a surfboard. We are here to help beginners learn how to surf and help intermediate surfers progress faster.

Unless you don't know how to swim or if you wouldn't be comfortable swimming at least 40 meters without a floating device, you can join our coaching retreats in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Bali. For the Mentawais and the Maldives, only intermediate level surfers will be able to enjoy those experiences.
We only open during what we believe are the best months for both waves and temperature in each of our destinations. These decisions are made according to statistical averages of swells and the type of spots in each destination.

Predicting surfing conditions is a bit like predicting the weather, we can only have a good idea of what the waves will be like a few days before a retreat. Therefore we can not guarantee you that waves will be a certain size or shape on any specific week, months in advance. This being said, your chances of getting quality surf are very high as each surf season is specifically chosen according to average surfing conditions. Since we opened in 2012, we have not had one "flat day"!

We avoid opening during the rainiest months and choose the best surf spots around, according to your level. For example, if the waves are big, we will take you to a bay or a sheltered break, where the waves are smaller and conditions are safer.
If you are joining one of the "main retreats" (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Bali), your surfing equipment is included. If you are a novice surfer, you don't have to bring surfboards.

If you are an intermediate surfer:

For Bali and Costa Rica: there are plenty of quality surfboards on-site, and they are included in your package. Whether you want a longboard, funboard, fish or a hybrid surfboard, there is plenty of choices. Small, performance shortboards are harder to find, but usually, those are for advanced surfers. If you have "the magic surfboard" or if you are very precise in what you are looking for (example looking for 34.5 litres board with medium rocker), you might consider bringing your own boards.

Nicaragua: Surfboards are also included here. This is the most remote location of our "main retreats." We do have a good selection of surfboards, but the selection is not as large as in Bali or Costa Rica for performance, fibre-glass fishes and hybrid boards. You might consider bringing your own boards if performance, fibre-glass fishes or hybrids are what you want to surf and you want a precise shape and volume. If a NSP type of funboard or fish is something that you would like to surf, we do have those types of boards available.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are an intermediate surfer and want to check if we have the board you are looking for before booking your trip.

In the Maldives and in the Mentawais, we recommend bringing your own surfboards. Bring the type of surfboards that you are used to ride and that you feel comfortable with (minimum 2, preferably 3). Bring at least one board on which you feel you have plenty of paddle power and length. Too often, we see intermediate surfers on the latest 5'6" "Hypto Krypto" because that is what the marketing says they should be on, and they only get onto a couple of waves each session. That's no good for enjoyment. Or improvement. contact us for details.
This depends on the destination you will travel to, and on personal preferences & souvenirs.

In our "main retreats" (Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Bali), you could bring, for example, $200 - $300 USD with you and your bank cards if you need to withdraw in the ATMs on destination. For the intermediate retreats, these are remote locations with no ATMs. You will need to refer to your travel guide for more information (provided when you book your spot).

Almost everything will be covered: accommodation, surf lessons, surf equipment (except for Maldives & Mentawais retreats), airport shuttles, your surfing footage, transportation, some activities, breakfast each morning and more. Here are some things you might need cash money for:

Apart from welcome meals, lunches and dinners are not included in our "Main Retreats (Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Bali)" because we believe it is part of the travel experience to try different meals and restaurants. Meal prices will vary significantly according to your preferences. In both Central America and Asia, you can still eat great local food for 5 - 8 USD per meal, and you can also spend 15+ USD on food in international restaurants.

For the intermediate retreats (Mentawais & Maldives), all meals are included because those are offered in remote locations that have very little or no other meal options.

Also, bring cash money if you bring back souvenirs for friends and family. Sometimes, freelance photographers could take in-water surf shots of you if you are lucky, you might want to purchase those!

Tips are not mandatory and are to the discretion of each traveller. If you want to tip, you can either give tips directly to your surf coach, cleaning or cooking staff.
Yes, it is possible in most cases, but not two weeks straight. We usually have 2 to 4 days separating weekly groups. You would then need to travel for 16 to 18 days and plan 2 to 4 free days between your two surf weeks.

Intermediate retreats in the Maldives & Mentawais are usually closer together, with 0, 1 or 2 days between trips.
For the "main retreats" in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Bali, both beginner and intermediate surfers are welcome (levels 1.1 to 2.2).

For the "intermediate only" trips in the Mentawais and the Maldives, only intermediate level surfers can join (level 2.1 and 2.2) You must be able to:
-catch unbroken waves by yourself
-angle your take off to go either left or right
-draw your line on a “green wave” with a minimum of control
-feel comfortable in shoulder-to-head-high waves

For more information on "what is your surfing level", click here.
For the main retreats (Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Bali): If your retreat dates on our website are, for example, from January 4th – 11th, this includes both the arrival day (4th) and the departure day (11th). There is no surfing or activities planned for those days.

This means that during the day on the 4th, nothing is planned other than your transportation to our villa or hotel. There is often a welcome group dinner, usually between 6:30pm - 8:00pm on the night of the first day. If you fly in later at night, you might miss it. On the last day of the retreat (January 11th in this example), only breakfast is organized plus transportation back to the airport.

For the intermediate only retreats (Maldives & Mentawais): The first and last days of a trip are also travel days (no surfing planned). For example, if a retreat goes from October 11th – 20th, there is nothing planned other than transportation and a welcome dinner on the 11th, and breakfast plus transportation back to the airport on the 20th. Please wait for us to send details of the itinerary before booking your international flights. Your flight schedule will need to work with the private fast boats in the Mentawais, or domestic flights in the Maldives.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our team of surf coaches are dedicated to providing the full surfing progression experience, they are not available for extra lessons. Since we have 6 coaches for 12 students maximum, if you come for just 2 or 3 days, for example, this will still take one of the 12 spots available.

FAQs | Travel

To benefit from the free shuttles included in our packages, you must arrive and leave on the same dates planned in our camps. For example, if you have booked a surf trip from January 4th to 11th, you must land on the 4th and leave on the 11th to catch our free shuttles. Outside of these dates, transportation from the airport is not included.

You can land at any time on our retreat dates, and we will send an airport shuttle for you. For the intermediate only retreats (Mentawais & Maldives), you will need to catch a boat after landing from your international flight (included in your package). Therefore you need to wait for us to send you those details by email once you have secured your spot before booking your international flights.
The answers below apply to North Americans, most of Europe and Australia. Please verify online to be 100% certain about your personal situation. More details will be available in the travel guide you will receive after booking your trip.

Nicaragua: No. Just a $10-15 USD fee to pay at the Managua airport (bring small bills with you).

Indonesia (Bali & Mentawais): Yes. You can get your visa directly at the airport in Denpasar (Bali trip) or Padang (Mentawai trip). It cost around $35 USD. If you plan to travel for more than 30 days, we recommend you to apply for a visa online. Depending on where you are from, you might be able to apply for a 60-day visa.

Costa Rica: No.

Maldives: A free 30-day tourist visa is granted on arrival for most nationals, including citizens of USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK and many European countries.
You must be 18 years old to book a trip by yourself.
We accept 15, 16 and 17-year-olds when travelling and surfing with a parent.
The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere in all of our destinations. For Indonesia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we recommend you bring between 300 and 400$ and a debit/credit card to be able to withdraw local currency in an ATM if needed.

For intermediate only retreats (Mentawais & Maldives): These are very remote locations. Please refer to your travel guide for more information (given to you after you reserve your spot).
If you are travelling by yourself, you have the choice of sleeping on a single bed in a room/bungalow with 1 or 2 other Barefoot Surf guests or pay an extra fee to have a room/bungalow to yourself.

Different accommodation types:
Costa Rica (2021): Bungalows for a maximum of 3 guests (see accommodation)
Nicaragua: Rooms for 2 or 3 guests (see accommodation)
Mentawai: Rooms for 2 guests. No private room for 1 guest available.
Maldives: Private room for every guest. Couples or friends sharing a room have a discount on the package.

We separate men and women in shared rooms. This is feasible in most of our retreats, but sometimes it is impossible. In the rare cases where this is not possible, you will be notified in advance and can accept or decline to join the trip (we will refund you if you do not join the trip in this case).
In each of our destinations, you will be led by experienced surf guides, who have an in-depth knowledge of the area and the surf spots. We also choose very secure places to accommodate our travellers.

This being said, we leave our travellers the freedom of exploring and experimenting with each destination as they wish, as we believe in the beauty of travelling. We give the necessary security advice for each trip. If these are respected, the risks of any trouble are very low (robbery, accidents, etc.).
We recommend our clients to get quality travel insurance with a well-known company: Blue-Cross, Manulife, Escapade, RBC, TravelGuard, etc. Make sure the insurance company covers surfing as an activity. Click here to buy travel insurance directly online with our partners G1G Insurance.
In the majority of cases, our travellers find better prices for plane tickets online than they would through a travel agency. Since we can’t offer better prices than the ones on the Internet, we highly suggest the following websites to buy your plane tickets:,, or
Nicaragua: Managua (MGA)*

Bali: Denpasar (DPS)

Costa Rica: Liberia (LIR)**

Mentawais: Padang (PDG)

Maldives: Malé (MLE)

* The Liberia airport in Costa Rica (LIR) is actually geographically closer to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, than Managua is. If you choose to land in Liberia to go to our Nicaragua retreat in San Juan del Sur, you will need to cross the land border which is 1 hour North of the Liberia airport. This process can be a bit complicated and take some time if there are line-ups. It will cost around $10-$20 USD of taxes and entrance fees. When adding the time at the customs, landing in Managua is quicker and more simple, but sometimes our guests find much better flights for Liberia, which could make this worth it. Click here for more information about this process.

**San Jose is about a 5-6hour drive from Guiones (Nosara), therefore it is twice as far from the resort than the Liberia airport. However, some guest, for example ones coming from Europe, might still prefer landing in San Jose (SJO), depending on flights available. Click here for more information about this process.
About half of our travellers are “lone travellers”, so you will most probably not be the only lone traveller in your group. Whether you are travelling with other groups of friends, couples or lone travellers, you can expect to meet new friends with who you will have a great time!


We are #1 on TripAdvisor

Reviews on TripAdvisor


  • “The best part of my trip with Barefoot was how much I improved my surfing. I’d done a bunch of single surf lessons before & this was the first time I actually felt like the surf guides were instructing, critiquing & pushing me to get better at surfing.”

    Katherine G. 31 / Toronto, Canada
  • “The total experience exceeded expectations, staff was knowledgeable, professional, and gracious. Accommodations were very welcoming and comfortable. Everything was top notch!”

    Rick Osgood, 53 / Napa, USA
  • “I’ve been traveling to various surf camps for the last 2 years. This trip was beyond incredible, everything from start to finish was top notch and focused on improving my surfing while having a wonderful cultural experience.”

    Micheal, 41 / Boston, USA
  • “Created some great friendships, and experienced a beautiful country in the best week possible. Already trying to figure out when I can plan my next trip with them!”

    Emily P. 26 / Ventura, USA
  • “I couldn’t ask for time spent with more friendly, truly awesome people. The team is very responsive and well organized. My surfing was pushed to another level”

    Brittany M. 34 / Calgary, Canada
  • “The coaches are nationally acclaimed surfers and give great tips to better your surf technique. All in all a great experience.”

    Bao T. 33 / Montreal, Canada

2024 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
Jan - Mar 2024
January 6th - 13th *full
January 17th - 24th *full
January 27th - February 3rd *full
February 7th - 14th *full
February 17th - 24th *full
February 28th - March 6th *full
March 9th - 16th *full
Nicaragua - 7 days
May - July 2024
May 4th - 11th *full
May 14th - 21st *full
May 25th - June 1st *full
June 4th - 11th *full
June 15th - 22nd *full
June 25th - July 2nd *full
July 6th - 13th *full
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2024
November 1st - 10th *3 spots left
November 11th - 20th *1 female spot left
November 21st - 30th *3 spots left

2025 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
Jan - Mar 2025
January 8th - 15th *1 spot left (male shared room)
January 18th - 25th *2 spots left
January 29th - February 5th *3 spots left
February 8th - 15th
February 19th - 26th
March 1st - 8th
March 12th - 19th
March 22nd - 29th
Nicaragua - 7 days
May - Jul 2025
April 26th - May 3rd *4 spots left
May 7th - 14th
May 17th - 24th
May 28th - June 4th
June 7th - 14th
June 18th - 25th
June 28th - July 5th
July 9th - 16th
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2025
November 3rd - 12th
November 13th - 22nd
November 23rd - December 2nd

Bali and Maldives trips are on hold until 2025.
If the trip you are interested in is full, you can join our waiting list & get notified if someone cancels.

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