Working as a surf coach with Barefoot

We are driven by our never-ending quest to offer the ultimate surf coaching retreats for beginner and intermediate surfers. Join our team of passionate surfers from across the world and share your love for the art of surfing.

What position could be available?

The position of being a surf coach that travels to either Central America or Indonesia.

What type of responsibilities would I have?

  • Organizing surfing schedules for your small group of beginner & intermediate surfers
  • Providing high-quality surf theory and technical surf classes (for which you would be trained for)
  • Taking photos & videos of your students, and analyzing surf technique daily
  • Providing a personalized surf coaching experience: transport to the proper beaches, changing surf equipment if needed, taking technical notes, giving recommendations, etc.
  • Organizing transportation & activities for the trip
  • More responsibilities depending on your destination

What positions are NOT available?

Due to our unique corporate structure, most positions and work opportunities are offered to local people in each of our destinations. In order to provide the maximum of working opportunities, local partners take care of transportation, in-water coaching, cooking, cleaning, activities, and more. Unlike some surf camps, we do not have positions opened for volunteers, travel hosts, animators, etc.

  • The only position available is the one of a professional surf coach


Qualities we look for:

  • Deep passion for surfing & traveling
  • Experience in surf coaching (minimum 2 years)
  • Passion and ease for teaching
  • Motivated and resourceful
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Loves to work in a team
  • Dedication to excellence


To be able to work with us, you must have a flexible schedule and be able to work abroad 4 months or more in the year. We are a small team with strong core values. We look for people who share these values and want to be part of our culture.

Download PDF: Our Core Values


To apply for the surf coaching position, please contact:

[email protected]

Please attach your CV. Pictures & preferably a link to videos of your surfing are strongly recommended.

1% of every sale goes to nonprofit
organizations that protect & clean
our oceans.