What are the main differences between Barefoot Surf Travel and other Surf Camps?

At Barefoot Surf Travel

  • Each Trip is Unique and Spontaneous

Every moment feels special because Barefoot only opens during specific times of the year, when both waves and weather are optimal.


  • Passionate & Dedicated Team

Meet friendly and professional surf coaches that deeply care about your surf progression.


  • Our Accommodations

Our small groups of an average of 12 travellers live in amazing private beach houses or private beach bungalows. We accommodate you in places that offer a warm atmosphere, very clean and comfortable rooms and beautiful common areas.


  • Location

We choose safe and quiet neighbourhoods that are always walkable distance to the beach and to the main attractions.

Questions to Compare Us:

Surf Seasons & Spontaneity
  • Is the surf camp opening all year round?
  • What about rainy seasons in a tropical climate, or “flat” periods of the year with no waves?
  • Do travellers start their surf trip on the same day, creating a special small group energy for the rest of the trip?


  • Are the surf teachers highly experienced, motivated and passionate?
  • Do they provide a genuine surf progression experience?
  • Will they help you coach yourself for the future, by using photo & video analysis of your surfing, suggesting articles and videos and creating your own personal surfer profile?


Accommodation Experience
  • Is the accommodation exclusive for your small group of beginners & intermediates?
  • Will you be living in a “hotel” that accommodates 20, 30 or 40 or 50+ travellers?
  • Is it walkable distance to the beach and to the main attractions, but still in a quiet and safe neighbourhood?

At Barefoot Surf Travel

  • Experience Complete Surf Programs

Our programs are designed specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers to progress very quickly. Every surf day, you will get personalized advice from highly qualified surf coaches on how to improve your surfing.


  • Video & Photo Analysis 

Have a pro coach analyze your videos and photos, giving you specific technique tips to surf better.


  • Destinations & Seasons

Surf the right area, at the right time of the year. We only open when the conditions are ideal for both waves and weather. Our destinations are chosen specifically for beginners & intermediates.


  • Surf different Spots

Cruise across different surf spots on the crystal-clear waters of Indonesia, or ride through the jungle of Central America to surf epic beach breaks. We believe even novice surfers should have the chance to live a “surf journey”.


  • 1 Surf Coach for 3 Students Maximum

Enjoy a great ratio and get more attention from experienced surf coaches.

Questions to Compare Us:

Surf Program
  • Does the company offer highly structured classes, designed for different levels of novice and intermediate surfers?


Video & Photo Analysis
  • Will you get filmed and taken pictures of during your surf lessons?
  • Will a qualified coach be analyzing your photos and videos, giving you personalized advice?
  • Are your professional surfing pictures included in your package?


Destinations & Seasons
  • Is this business open year-round, or only during the best surf seasons?
  • Does it offer surf trips to all levels of surfers, or does it specialize in beginners & intermediates surf trips?


Surfing Different Spots
  • Is transportation to different surf spots by boat or truck included?
  • Will you be surfing the same beach in front of your surf hotel every day?


Coach / Student Ratio
  • How many students will be learning to surf per coach?
  • Some camps offer great ratios, others have 1 coach for 8, or even 10 students. This compromises safety and the quality of the in-water courses.

At Barefoot Surf Travel

  • Live a Small Group Experience

Our average is 12 travellers per surf trip. Join a small group of like-minded travellers looking to learn how to surf, improve their surfing skills, relax, have fun and enjoy the tropical weather.


  • Authentic Travel Experience 

Our international team of pro surf coaches collaborate with the best, most dedicated local surfers on each destination. This doesn’t only provide our travellers with high quality surf lessons, it also creates a genuine cultural experience.


  • Freedom

We give you the tools and freedom to explore the destination as you wish. We believe spontaneous moments and unplanned experiences are often the most memorable.


  • Activities & Experiences

Whether you wish to do a fishing trip, volcano hike, catamaran day, yoga session, horseback riding, we can make it happen. Our team only welcomes small groups to deliver a quality, personalized experience to each traveller.

Questions to Compare Us:

Group Size 
  • How many travellers will join your trip?
  • What is the average age?
  • Do they welcome all levels of surfers, or is it specialized for beginners & intermediates?


Authentic Travel Experience
  • What is the relationship between the surf camp and the local community of surfers?
  • How do they create work opportunities?
  • How are they respected in the community?


  • Will every part of your trip be highly organized, cutting on your freedom to explore?
  • Will you have some free time to enjoy the destination as you wish?


Activities & Experiences
  • How will the team help you organize the activities & experiences you wish to live?
  • How many people is the team taking care of at the same time?


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