I am grateful that I was blessed to live by the sea. I grew up in Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW, Australia, in a small surfing village surrounded by friends and family who shared the same passions. I was introduced to the surf as a baby even before I could swim; Dad plonked me on a longboard with goggles and floaties and pushed me out onto the river to surf the ripples from the incoming tide. Once I made the transition from ripples to waves, I was hooked! I’d wake up at the crack of dawn to squeeze in a surf before school with mum, dad, my lil’ sis and our mates. I joined the local boardriders for a few years. I enjoyed surfing with a team and being involved with the surfing community. As I grew, I realized that my true passion would always be about free surfing and travelling. To have the opportunity to connect and reconnect others with the surf would be a privilege and a dream come true.

In 2014/15, as luck would have it, I met the Barefoot team while on a surfing holiday in Bali. I was at university studying Exercise Science and Physical Therapy; I connected with their positive energy and their surfing vision straight away. I knew from that day what I really wanted to do, but I also needed a degree, right, as a back-up plan. So I put my dreams on hold, kept myself sane by surfing and completed a degree (Ex Sc). I am set to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy by the end of 2020.

I have a 23-year love of surfing in several areas of Australia and the world, along with a professional understanding of human movement and therapy, including qualifications in Pilates and 200hrs of Hatha Yoga teacher training. I bring to the Barefoot surfing table gratitude to be part of this awesome team! As well as a connection and shared vision of how surfing can improve your life and keep you happy.

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