I started floating on a board when I was a baby. My dad was obsessed with surfing and he kind of forced me into it when I was a kid haha. I’m glad he did, surfing changed my life…

I started taking my own waves at the age of 8 and at 12 years-old I would ride my bicycle to different surf beaches around my house in Mar del Plata. From 14 to 18, I competed on all the national junior competitions. The last year I made all the finals. It taught me a lot about surfing technique and wave selection. Without it I wouldn’t be the surfer that I am now, but I was never satisfied competitive surfing.

I always dreamed of traveling for surfing. One day I got a call from Gab, cofounder of Barefoot, who I met I Argentina when I was about 15. He told me that I should come work in Nicaragua with Barefoot. This was back in 2013. I packed my bags, took my board and the few dollars I had, and started a 2-month trip all the way to Nicaragua, by land! I got to surf across the South American continent, which was great.

I then met Alex, also a cofounder of Barefoot, and since them I can’t stop doing surf trips with them. I have so much fun helping people to get better at surfing!

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