Costa Rica | 7-Day Surf Trip

Welcome to the ultimate tropical surfing experience in playa Guiones, Costa Rica. Imagine yourself surfing a pristine 7 km long beach break surrounded by some of the lushest rainforest hills on earth.

Skill Level: Total beginner to intermediate surfer
Our season (best for sunshine and waves): January to June

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Surf Coaching Nosara
Bali | 12 Day Surf Journeys

Once in a lifetime surf adventures in Indonesia. Discover & surf different islands, visit 6 locations or more and live an unforgettable cultural experience. 

Skill Level: Total beginner to experienced surfer
Our season (best for sunshine and waves): May to October

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Surf Coaching in Lembongan Coach
Ecuador | 9 Day Surf & Yoga

Get an authentic feel of Latin America. Discover amazing wildlife and landscapes while surfing some of the most playful beach breaks in South America.

Skill Level: Total beginner to intermediate surfer
Our season (best for sunshine and waves): December to May

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Ecuador Beach Vibes
Nicaragua | The 7 Day Classic

Live in a private villa and enjoy some of the most consistent surf on earth. This is the place to be if you have 1 week to learn essential surf basics and progress your skills quickly.

Skill Level: Total beginner to intermediate surfer
Our season (best for sunshine and waves):  January to July

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Surf Camp Nicaragua

2023 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
Jan - Mar 2023
January 7th - 14th *full
January 18th - 25th *full
January 28th - February 4th *full
February 8th - 15th *full
February 18th - 25th *full
March 1st - 8th *full
March 11th - 18th *full
Nicaragua - 7 days
May - Jul 2023
May 6th - 13th *full
May 16th - 23rd *full
May 27th - June 3rd *full
June 6th - 13th *full
June 17th - 24th *full
June 27th - July 4th *full
July 8th - 15th *full
Maldives - 10 days
October 2023
October 7th – 16th *full
October 16th – 25th *full
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2023
November 10th - 19th *full
November 20th - 29th *full

2024 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
Jan - Feb 2024
January 6th - 13th *full
January 17th - 24th *3 spots, shared bungalow
January 27th - February 3rd *4 spots left
February 7th - 14th *4 spots left
February 17th - 24th *4 spots left
February 28th - March 6th *2 spots left, shared bungalow
March 9th - 16th *2 spots, shared female bungalow
Nicaragua - 7 days
May - July 2024
May 4th - 11th *1 spot left
May 14th - 21st
May 25th - June 1st
June 4th - 11th
June 15th - 22nd
June 25th - July 2nd
July 6th - 13th
Maldives - 10 days
October 2024
October 11th - 20th *5 spots left
October 20th - 29th
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2024
November 11th - 20th *3 spots left
November 21st - 30th

Bali trips are on hold until 2025.
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