Bali surf camp package

What’s included

  • 7 In-water surf lessons
  • 4 “Surf Meetings” – theory & technique
  • Equipment during surf lessons & outside surf lessons in Bali
  • Experienced surf coaches
  • Surf advice – where / when to surf
  • 3:1 student/coach ratio
  • Surf pictures sent to your email
  • Technique analysis with surf photos and videos
Boats & transport
  • Private transport in minivans
  • Transport to surf spots on Bali
  • Airport transfers
  • Inter-Islands fast cruises
  • Boat trips to surf
  • Boat trip to snorkel
  • Exclusive accommodation
  • Best locations near & on the beach
  • Spacious rooms, pool & chilling areas
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Paddle board rental on Lembongan
  • Welcome dinner

Bali Surf Trip

  • Taxes & Service Fees Included
$2,900 USD

Accommodation options

Shared accommodation
  • 2 to 4 travelers per studio / room
  • Two story studios for groups of 4 travelers
  • No extra fees
Private room for 2 or 3
  • Rooms with Queen bed for couples or with separate beds for groups of friends
  • Extra 100 USD per person for a private room for 2 during the whole trip
Private room for 1
  • Extra 1,200 USD for a private room for 1 traveler
Non-surfing partner
  • 1,800 USD for a non-surfing partner in shared accommodation, extra 100 USD in a private room
  • Included for non-surfing partners: accommodation, transport & all activities

Surf coaching levels available

Level 1: beginner surf coaching

The level 1 coaching is designed for either total beginners that never tried surfing before, or for people that have tried surfing for a few days or a few weeks. If you want to learn the proper surf basics, such as paddling, popping up, reading waves and going right or left, this is the right package for you.

Level 2: intermediate surf coaching

The level 2 coaching is designed for surfers that have been surfing for at least a few weeks. They can swim through the white water efficiently, catch unbroken waves without assistance and go right or left on a wave. We will analyse your surfing and help you understand fundamental techniques to execute intermediate maneuvers.

  • Prices are per person. 20% deposit to secure your spot.

2019 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
January 5th - 12th *full
January 12th - 19th *full
January 22nd - 29th *full
March 2nd - 9th *full
May 4th - 11th *full
May 12th - 19th *full
May 25th - June 1st *full
Nicaragua - 7 days
June 5th - 12th *Full
June 15th - 22nd *Full
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2019
November 20 - 29th * full
Bali - 12 days
July 17th - 28th *1 spots left
August 2nd - 13th * full
August 18 - 29th *full
September 3rd - 14th *full
October 7th - 18th *full
October 24th - November 4th * full

2020 Surf Trips

Costa Rica - 7 days
January 4th - 11th *full
January 12th - 19th
January 22nd - 29th
February 1st - 8th
February 12st - 19th
February 22nd - 29th
March 3rd - 10th
Nicaragua - 7 days
May 5th - 12th
May 16th - 23rd
May 26th - June 2nd
June 6th - 13th
June 16th - 23rd
June 27th - July 4th
Bali - 10 days
July 20th - 29th
August 2nd - 11th
August 15th - 24th
August 28th - September 6th
September 10th - 19th
Mentawais - 10 days
November 2020
November 6th - 15th * Full

More information

Package info 
  • It’s free to swap your surfboard as you progress. We have a wide variety of boards.
  • Prices are in US dollars and are per person.
  • All taxes are included.
Travel info 
  • Travel insurance is not included and is mandatory.
  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of entry.
  • Plane tickets are not included.
  • Airport transfers are included when travelers land and fly out on the planned travel dates of each trip.

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