Why Bali?


The best surf towns, surf camps, and waves on earth to surf. Bali has it all!

People and Culture

Bali is the only predominantly Hindu island in all of Indonesia.
Balinese people are extremely ritualistic, a phenomenon that can be experienced by witnessing a daily traditional Balinese ceremony.
You will feel the exceptional energy in this island through the artistically designed offerings to the gods, traditional dances, costumes, temples, and ceremonies.
Balinese people are amongst the most friendly and pleasant people on earth.
Most Balinese speak English, and we guarantee that a conversation with a local will leave you feeling the overall joy and spirituality this country possesses.

The Surf

Ask any surfer who has hit Indonesian waves, and they will tell you that Bali is perfection. This country has the most consistent surf on earth.


Everything is very affordable in Bali: food, transportation, spas, souvenirs, clothing, etc.
Bali even attracts thousands of tourists whose aim is entirely to shop…
so make sure to leave some room in your suitcase!

Delicious Food
Balinese cuisine usually consists of an incredible variety of spices, fresh vegetables, rice and meat (mostly chicken or seafood).
It has been influenced by outside cultures such as South India, Malaysia and China. You can taste this amazing food for an average of $2.50 in “warungs” (food stands).
Aside from Balinese, you can also enjoy foods from around all around the globe.
A variety of French, Italian, Asian and Mediterranean chefs have set up camp in Bali to open a surplus of restaurants with unreal food and great vibes

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