Why Nicaragua

Nicaragua is safe.

According to the United Nations, Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America.
Today, after more than 18 years of political stability, Nicaragua is firmly on the map as a “go-to” surf destination. With no shortage of picturesque scenery, Nicaragua offers a quieter alternative to nearby Costa Rica. The locals are gracious, the scenery is untainted and there are plenty of distractions.

Nicaragua is affordable

Nicaragua is definitely a budget destination. Everything is very, very cheap. Food in restaurants, drinks, activities and tours, can easily cost half the price than in Costa Rica.

The country is amazing !

Set in the middle of Central America, Nicaragua is a naturally stunning country with a colorful history. Known as the “land of lakes and volcanoes” it boasts a dramatic Pacific coastline and long, gentle Caribbean beaches. Volcanoes and freshwater lakes dot the hilly inland. Its array of wildlife and terrain rivals that of its better-known neighbor just to the south, Costa Rica. Also, colonial cities like Leon and Granada offer visitors a unique taste of colonial Spain.

The surf is great
Southern Nicaragua offers an average of more than 330 days of offshore winds (Lake Nicaragua causes the trade winds). These ideal conditions for surfing do not exist anywhere else in Central America, where the surf usually blows out at around 11 am. Nicaragua has a multitude of epic beach breaks and point-breaks (although more beach breaks). The country has spots for all levels of surfers and they’re within a few minutes from each other.

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