Level 1 & Level 2 Coaching
Available on all our Surf Trips

In order to accelerate your learning curve and to give better personalized advice, we divide our travellers into 2 levels: Level 1 and Level 2. Here are some descriptions and hints to help you choose the right package for your surfing skills.

Level 1 Surf

Level 1 

Who is this package for?
  • You have never surfed in your life
  • You have tried surfing a few times
  • You took a few surfing lessons here and there
  • You have been surfing for weeks or months, but you still have difficulty with basic techniques


More hints that this is the package for you:
  • You fall on 30% or more of your pop ups
  • You are not comfortable swimming through the white water
  • You have difficulty catching unbroken waves by yourself
  • You have difficulty identifying if a wave is a left or a right
  • You don’t know how to angle your take off and draw a basic line on the face of a wave
Learn to Surf Nicaragua
What we teach in Level 1 classes:
  • Paddling techniques
  • Basic surfing equipment
  • Security aspects
  • Surf etiquette
  • How to pop up on a surfboard
  • What is a proper surf stance
  • How to swim through the white water
  • How to read waves
  • How to catch unbroken waves
  • How to do basic turns & more
Turquoise waters surfing Bali
Why this package?

Surfing has a very steep learning curve. Understanding the basic techniques from the start is key. Even if you have taken a few lessons here and there, it could be a good choice to take this package. The difference is that you will live a whole trip with the same surf guides that will get time to know how you surf and what you need to improve.


Beginner waves Bali
Rex Calderon Coaching

Level 2 

Who is this package for?
  • You have been surfing for many weeks, months or a few years
  • You can paddle through the white water and you can catch unbroken waves by yourself
  • You are able to predict if a wave will be a right or a left
  • You are able to angle your take off and go down the line on a wave
Surfing remanzo beach Nicaragua
More hints that this is the package for you:
  • You rarely fall on your pop-ups
  • You do not need any assistance to go through the white water and to catch unbroken waves
  • You are starting to try different board shapes, slowly surfing smaller funboards or fish shaped surfboards
  • You are at a level where you feel you need more tips to surf better on the face of the wave: more agility, more speed, better style, etc.
Surf courses Maderas beach
What we teach at this level:

According to your level our coaches will show you how to:

  • Generate more speed
  • Pick the right waves
  • Choose the right surfboards for specific conditions
  • Duck dive
  • Improve your bottom turns
  • Improve your top turns
  • Adjust your stance
  • How to do cutbacks
  • Improve your overall agility on the face of a wave
Why this package?

Surfing is addictive. The better you surf, the more you love it. This package is designed to identify the important changes you can bring to your technique that will end up making a huge difference in your surfing, and the fun you have in the water! You will receive personalized tips on how you surf and what to improve. These can truly make a difference in many aspects such as the quality of the waves you pick, the speed you are able to generate, your agility on the wave, etc.

The main difference between Level 1 and Level 2 surfers is their autonomy in the water. In order to benefit from Level 2 tips, you need to be comfortable swimming through the white water and catching unbroken waves by yourself. If this is still a challenge for you, you will benefit a lot more from the Level 1 classes. It is possible to switch packages, from level 1 to level 2 or vice versa, once on the trip if you feel the need to. No extra fees.